Comfortable & Easy to Use Wall Beds
You don't need your large bulky floor bed anymore, it takes up valuable space in your room . The smarter way to save space is with a wall bed. Wall beds come in all bed sizes and can easily accommodate any mattress size. Your visitors and yourself will get a good nights sleep on a full size Murphy Bed systems, wall bed.

Wall Beds are quick & effortless 
Your wall bed can be ready at a moments notice! Simply lower your wall bed & you are with a ready to go in seconds. When you're finished, conveniently fold your wall bed away effortlessly! Easy, simple and fun to use, is a no fuss Wallbed Australia's, Murphy wall bed.

Wallbed Systems Hardware
There is a large range of wall bed sizes, Murphy Bed Wall Bed Systems have improved the hardware over the years including the strength of the frame, and the load baring potential of the counterbalance system. With the capacity to take a lot of weight, owners have attached mirrors, flat screen televisions. You can now even attach a studio desk to your Murphy Bed Wall Bed. Attached to the front of your wall bed it folds up and you do not have to take your items off the desk! 

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